Loan Origination System

 Create a complete workflow and approval process with doc prep and pricing system integrations.

This tool allows your loan officers, credit analysts, and loan assistants to seamlessly move loan information throughout the entire loan lifecycle, from initial contact through closing. Get a comprehensive picture of your pipeline with funding reports and forecasting for 30, 60, 90 days, and more.

Seamlessly move loan information and engage multiple departments throughout the loan lifecycle — from initial contact through closing — with embedded workflows right in your pipeline. Unlike other CRMs that force you to use predefined questions and stages, Teslar allows you to create a pipeline with the questions you feel are important to your process.

Our LOS pipeline integrates with your doc prep and pricing systems to create a complete workflow and approval process.

Key Features:

Create and configure separate pipelines for different loan products

Stage all pre-close documentation according to the loan’s corresponding document checklist

Set pending calls, emails, or meetups in pipeline or log them afterwards

Historical log of all customer communications - know when and who last interacted with them

Integrates with credit bureaus to pull credit and auto-calculate borrower’s DTI

“Teslar has made the whole loan process much more efficient than it used to be. Our lenders start in the pipeline with the very first call they make to a customer, current or prospect. Any step within a loan, start to finish, is done entirely in Teslar—credit memo write up, routing to financial analyst, loan pricing to loan processing and boarding. We also route our approvals to the appropriate loan committee for approval. Everything is built off of routing and workflows, so it automatically goes where it needs to go and no one has to spend time figuring that out.”
Casey Gordon
VP Administrative Assistant and Software Admin, Guaranty Bank and Trust
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Download this one-page document for a quick and simple overview of Teslar’s pipeline modules.


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