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Since our inception, Teslar Software has been on a quest to help financial institutions revolutionize lending processes with our unique approach to automation.

Explore our client stories to learn how Teslar perfects banking operations.

By automating their lending processes, Teslar clients have achieved measurable outcomes:


Hours Saved Per Week Per Department

With Teslar’s Exceptions Tracking module alone, Liberty National Bank saves an estimated 120 hours per week in departments that utilize the platform.


Better Efficiency Ratio

Institutions that use Teslar typically have an efficiency ratio that is 14% better than their peer banks.


Quicker Exceptions Clearing

Exceptions clearing is 80% quicker than bankers’ previous processes when using Teslar’s exceptions management tools and imaging integration.


Hours Saved Each Week with Workflow Automations

By automating cumbersome manual tasks and processes with our workflow tools, clients average a time savings of 92 hours per week.

“Teslar Software was the natural fit to partner with based on the positive experience we had when leveraging their PPP solution; we experienced firsthand that they’re a nimble, dependable organization that truly understands and cares about community banks.”
Mel Martin, First National Bank of Oklahoma
President & CEO
“As a CRE and small business-focused bank, it was critical to find a commercial lending solution that would support our scale and grow with us, which is exactly what Teslar delivers. With Teslar, we will be able to manage our loan portfolio efficiently without adding any additional FTEs, which is especially important as talent becomes increasingly scarce.”
Tommy Bates, Legends Bank
Chief Executive Officer
“The Teslar team is really willing to collaborate with us. They do not just put us in a box and tell us how to use Teslar, but sit down and work through our problems together, and that was a big factor for us. Teslar feels like a true partner and not just a vendor.”
Mark Marionneaux, Bank of Zachary
President & CEO
“When considering potential partners, we decided that Teslar was the best fit for our institution not only because of their leading technology, but also because of their strong culture. The Teslar team has deep experience in the banking industry and they really understand the challenges we face and the opportunities in front of us. Plus, their excellent customer service and commitment to helping us succeed has been evident from the start. Teslar encourages us to review our workflows and processes in order to find new, better ways of operating.”
Steve Donovan Community State Bank
Executive Vice President
“I’m impressed with how nimble and reactive the company is, and their dedication to work 24/7 to get a product to market to meet the demands of the community banker. That’s the kind of partner I want.”
Bill Loving, Pendleton Community Bank
President & CEO

Learn how Teslar fuses world-class automation technology with our proven Stellar Start process to get your banking operations on the ultimate trajectory:


Pendleton Community Bank + Teslar Software

Hear from Bill Loving, President & CEO of Pendleton Community Bank, on how Teslar has been a gamechanger for his institution– providing simple access to data, automating processes, and bringing everything under one screen. Find out how Teslar’s dedication to supporting community bankers make Teslar the ideal partner for your institution.

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Utilizing Teslar to Empower Your Employees

Pam Lawson from Grand Savings Bank shares how Teslar has helped her community bank navigate some of the challenges currently facing bankers. Using Teslar’s workflows and dashboards, employees have become more efficient, streamlined, and empowered. Every employee, from CSRs to back room operations and loan staff, has benefited from the platform.

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Utilizing Teslar to Optimize Your Bank’s Efficiency

Casey Gordon of Guaranty Bank & Trust shares her experience with Teslar’s pipeline modules and integrations. By utilizing Teslar, Guaranty Bank & Trust has been able to streamline their loan process, with everything from credit memos to loan pricing done entirely in one place.

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