Credit Risk Management

Keep risk light-years away with reliable, real-time data.

Without the right information, you can’t determine policy adherence and exception rate, identify problem loans, or hold customers accountable.

Teslar Software infuses reliable data into your workflows and automates precise actions based on metrics, policies, and configurations.

Digitally capture and view outstanding exceptions, get covenant and ongoing tracking of revolving credit items, and generate comprehensive loan lists quickly.

Credit Risk Management Solutions Include:

Special Assets System

Teslar automatically reviews data in your core system, including related debt, to determine if a loan should be criticized or classified.

It then routes problem loans to criticized loan workflows where it auto-populates account data. Your loan officers simply complete a narrative description via a template designed to meet regulator expectations.

Annual Loan Review

Teslar automatically detects and aggregates loans eligible for annual loan review and assigns them to individuals responsible for managing them.

The platform sets deliverables and due dates, creating clear communication between team members. A standard or customizable form in Teslar aggregates loan performance metrics and historical covenant compliance to easily assess credit risk. Once forms are complete, Teslar routes them for approval and sends them to your imaging system.

Loan Review (Internal)

Teslar allows your team to search your portfolio for loans that need review, filtering by various metrics found in the system. In one click, you can add the loans to review.

Teslar then automatically aggregates and assigns them to be worked on. The platform auto-fills data and creates consistent line sheets according to your desired formatting.

Exceptions/Tickler Tracking

Create, track, and satisfy loan exceptions with speed and simplicity. Get a complete and 100% accurate view of all exceptions so you know where they occur throughout the lending process.

This includes ongoing tracking of revolving credit items — like tax returns — to ensure borrowers remain creditworthy. Filter by institution, region, manager, or individual officer to identify trends and issues. Our drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to easily move and auto-index files into your imaging system.

Construction Inspection/Draw System

Manage the entire construction loan process in a single system — starting the day the loan is funded; from assigning inspections, calculating percentage of project complete, to requesting and imaging loan draws.

Allow lenders and 3rd party inspectors to track every step in an accompanying mobile app, which lets you capture geotagged photos. Inspectors can complete and submit reports to the back office all within the app. Stay on top of every project and avoid overfunding.

Accelerate Loans Like Never Before

Teslar’s Loan Origination solution empowers your team to expedite loans by leveraging groundbreaking automation.


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