Teslar Platform:

How It Works

We’re here to meet your institution’s needs and ensure success.

Why Teslar?

Designed by bankers who understand the nuances of lending, the Teslar platform powers an advanced library of configurable Intelligent Automation Solutions for optimizing every step of the commercial and consumer loan process as well as deposit operations.

Teslar Software enables both community and large financial institutions to meet growing demands while surpassing customer expectations.

How We Help Different Roles

Loan Officer

Teslar offers a simple and convenient solution for managing your portfolio and streamlining communication with your lending team and customers.

  • Convenient access to essential portfolio information
  • Know what is due from customers
  • Simplified document gathering process
  • Your customers can digitally submit loan applications and upload relevant documents

Loan Operations

Teslar helps you streamline your essential job functions. Our platform aggregates, unifies, and analyzes institution data so you can easily access all the information needed to underwrite and close loans quickly.
  • Keep everyone centralized with the use of digital checklists
  • Eliminate siloed spreadsheets, emails, and shared drives
  • Easily organize operations data

Deposit Operations

Teslar offers a simple and convenient solution for managing your deposit portfolio and streamlining communication with your bankers and customers.

  • Branch managers can manage deposit portfolio by concentration– market, region, branch.
  • Simplified exception/tickler tracking and management
  • Automated workflows for deposit servicing
  • Expansive reporting options for deposit operations and executive level needs

Chief Credit Officer

With Teslar, you can reduce risk with 100% accurate exceptions tracking, easily monitor loan risk with our criticized assets system, and provide transparency into loan review needs as they arise.
  • Portfolio grouping to segment risk assessment
  • Easily monitor loan reviews and special assets
  • 100% accurate exceptions tracking and clearing

Chief Lending Officer

Teslar provides transparency into lender performance and portfolios so you can effortlessly monitor your staff and identify top performers. And with Teslar, you can easily oversee new business opportunities and ensure that no potential deals slip through the cracks.
  • Easily monitor lender performance
  • Quick access to portfolio data
  • Communicate internally across the organization
  • Automate communications with digital workflows


Teslar’s tools will help you drive your institution’s strategic goals and vision. Our solutions are ideal for financial institutions looking to boost their bottom line while streamlining operations. With Teslar, you can expect a significant return on investment while maximizing revenue with reduced FTEs.

  • Increase revenue without adding staff
  • Quick, easy, and transparent staff communication
  • Automatically view key data points on your dashboard
  • Automated board reports
  • Expansive reporting options for loan and deposit operations and executive level needs

Your Customers

Teslar can help you obtain a competitive edge by meeting customer demands for quick and efficient service, without sacrificing the personal touch that sets you apart from larger institutions and other competitors.

  • 24/7 communication
  • Customers can digitally upload documents on your website
  • Customers can digitally apply for new loans or renewals
  • Real-time access and visibility into their lending process

Stellar Start

Our proven approach to get your lending processes on the right path, fast.

Teslar’s team of lending process automation experts work with you to bring the power of intelligent automation to life for your organization.


Systems Check

We carefully assess your business challenges, needs, and goals, determining parameters and charting the optimal course.



Plug & Play solutions end here, but Teslar starts you with a powerful preliminary solution — and then tailors it to your institution.



We fine-tune and enhance automations, fitting processes to your workflows for dramatically improved business results.



Teslar continues working with your team, helping you stay agile and competitive, so you can keep delighting customers.

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