Advanced Portfolio Management

Manage portfolios with prompt precision.

Without practical portfolio visibility, bad lending habits go unnoticed, past due loans slip into nonaccrual, and renewals miss their closing date.

Teslar Software pulls real-time data into live dashboards, empowering lenders with instant visibility into portfolios and pipelines.

Eliminate busywork for loan support staff with intelligent automation and learn about performance with lender scorecards. A dedicated exceptions tracking tool gives you immediate insight into what is missing.

Advanced Portfolio Management Solutions Include:

Exceptions/Tickler Tracking

Create, track, and satisfy loan exceptions with speed and simplicity. Get a complete and 100% accurate view of all exceptions, so you know where they occur throughout the lending process.

Filter by institution, region, manager, or individual officer to identify trends and issues. Our drag-and-drop capabilities let you easily clear exceptions and auto-index files into your imaging system.

Performance Scorecards

Using core system data, Teslar generates scorecards that measure performance across lenders, branches, and regions via a calculated total score and a color-coding system that identifies potential areas of improvement.

Gain insight into lender profitability with theoretical income, past due percentages, and more. View performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis, ranging from a single lender to the entire organization.

BI & Analytics

Teslar provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly create new reports, and review and edit existing reports. These tools cover everything from past dues to largest relationships. No need to wait for your business analysts to create reports for you — they’re all at your fingertips.

Put Credit Risk Exposure in Its Place

Teslar’s Credit Risk Management solution helps mitigate losses with dependable data and intelligent automation.


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