Deposit Operations

Get your deposit operations under control.

Manual processes are prone to error, difficult to track, and often lead to confusion and friction. Teslar Software automates business functions, providing visibility into every status, action, and workflow.

Communicate and collaborate with your team in real time and automatically send workflows to the right groups of users. Intelligent digital data gathering also eliminates most paper forms.

Deposit Operations Solution Includes:

Customer Portal

Your bankers have real-time access and a secure, intuitive place to request and acquire documents, submit information, and receive status updates.

Workflow & Forms Automation

Teslar pulls data from your core system and automatically routes it based on user answers and indexes documents into your imaging system. Data found in the Teslar platform is auto populated in forms, so your team never has to enter it twice.

Exceptions/Tickler Tracking

Create, track, and satisfy deposit account exceptions with speed and simplicity. Get a complete and 100% accurate view of all exceptions so you know where they occur.

Filter by institution, region, manager, or individual officer to identify trends and issues. Our drag-and-drop capabilities let you easily clear exceptions and auto-index files into your imaging system.

BI & Analytics

Teslar provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly create new reports, and review and edit existing reports. These tools cover everything from past dues to largest relationships. No need to wait for your business analysts to create reports for you — they’re all at your fingertips.

Accomplish Your Business Goals

Teslar’s Advanced Portfolio Management solution provides immediate insights to inform and guide long-term financial objectives.


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