Loan Origination

Fast, flawless, and phenomenally easy.

When your departments are siloed, it complicates everything, resulting in delays, negative impressions, and lost deals. Teslar Software helps your team deliver exceptional customer service by automating and standardizing processes — for accelerated loan origination.

Enhance visibility and communication, so you can leverage your staff to handle growing volumes, keep your pipeline full and accurate, and soar beyond customer expectations.

Loan Origination Solutions Include:

Customer Portal

Speed up your loan origination processes with this user-friendly hub that integrates with your website and gives borrowers 24/7 visibility into their lending process. Customers can upload and review documents or apply for new loans or renewals from your website.

Your bankers have real-time access and a secure, intuitive place to request and acquire documents, submit information, and receive status updates. And you can select the questions that appear in the loan application process and the required documents for each loan application type.

LOS Pipeline

Allow staff to seamlessly move information throughout the entire loan lifecycle, from initial contact through closing. It integrates with your doc prep and pricing systems to create a complete workflow and approval process.

Get a comprehensive picture of your pipeline with funding reports and forecasting for 30, 60, 90 days, etc.

Our LOS pipeline integrates with your doc prep and pricing systems to create a complete workflow and approval process.

Exceptions/Tickler Tracking

Create, track, and satisfy loan exceptions with speed and simplicity. Get a complete and 100% accurate view of all exceptions so you know where they occur throughout the lending process.

Filter by institution, region, manager, or individual officer to identify trends and issues. Our drag-and-drop capabilities let you easily clear exceptions and auto-index files into your imaging system.

Boost Productivity and Profitability

Teslar’s Operational Workflows solution sets business processes on the right course by maximizing visibility and optimizing workflows.


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