Loan Review (Internal)

Making the internal loan review process easily manageable through automation.

Teslar allows your team to search your portfolio for loans that need review, filtering by various metrics found in the system. In one click, you can add the loans to review. Teslar then automatically aggregates and assigns them to be worked on. The platform auto-fills data and creates consistent line sheets according to your desired formatting.

Key Features:

Supports multiple review templates (i.e. Consumer, CRE, C&I, etc.)

Autofill previous review information

Unifies data from multiple cores

Management can view work in process

Option to export to spreadsheet

Full summary with recommendations

“Today’s community banks have a lot to keep up with, between strong regulatory headwinds and a multitude of projects to juggle. In response, we’ve challenged ourselves to think differently and look at better ways of doing things. Teslar is a direct result of this initiative and it has proved to be fundamental to our growth plan.”
Mark Marionneaux
President & CEO, Bank of Zachary
Download Internal Loan Review One-Pager

Download this one-page document for a quick and simple overview of Teslar’s internal loan review system.


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