Portfolio Management

An organized and responsive approach to your loan portfolio management needs–make data-driven decisions, mitigate risk, and drive profitability.

Effective portfolio management is vital to the survival of financial institutions of every size. Without accessible visibility, bad lending habits go unnoticed, past due loans slip into nonaccrual, and renewals miss their closing date.

With real-time insights and automation, Teslar’s portfolio management tools empower bankers to proactively manage past due loans, track maturing loans, optimize lending workflows, expedite the loan review process, and efficiently handle loan runoff.

Key Features:

Automatically identify past dues and maturing loans

System flags urgent issues

Lending workflows for loan reviews or action plans

Portfolio views such as...

  • Closed and Charged Off Loans
  • Largest Borrower Reports
  • Loan Only Relationships
  • New and Renewed Loans
  • Non-Accrual Reports
  • Loan Runoff
  • Largest Balance Shift
  • Overdrafts
  • Largest Depositor Reports
“The lending side of our bank is in Teslar constantly. Any step within a loan, start to finish, is done entirely in Teslar."
Casey Gordon
VP Credit and Loan Systems Admin
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Download this one-page document for a quick and simple overview of Teslar’s portfolio management platform.


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