Amanda Earhart
Chief Technology Officer

Amanda Earhart is the Chief Technology Officer at Teslar Software, a provider of lending process automation tools for community financial institutions.

In this role, Amanda oversees the company’s technology strategy to provide a competitive advantage in both product and talent, as well as the design, development, and implementation of Teslar’s products. She is also responsible for exploring new and emerging technologies, assessing their impact on the company’s business, and steering the company towards innovative solutions.

Amanda has built a successful career in technology, holding various roles that showcased her ability to drive revenue growth, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce losses. Prior to joining Teslar Software, Amanda served as co-founder and CEO of a SaaS startup that transitioned ownership as a revenue positive business. She also served as an Engineering and Product Manager for eBay, Inc. and a Senior Director for Facebook, Inc., where she led a team of 600 that was recognized for being most efficient at creating or preserving revenue.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of California, Santa Cruz, an executive MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship from the University of Arkansas, and has earned multiple patents for solutions she’s created.

Outside of Teslar Software, Amanda and her husband are nurturing two good humans, and enjoys volleyball, running, biking, and team sports. You’re also likely to catch her channeling her creativity into perfecting the scientific craft of sourdough bread baking.