User Dashboards

Empower your team with a completely customizable, interactive interface that showcases essential data not easily accessible within your core system

Teslar’s user dashboards are designed to be the first place you go for meaningful, accurate data. Each user’s dashboards can be built in seconds and can be customized per individual, branch, region, or institution-wide.

Unlike many dashboard tools on the market, Teslar’s dashboards are interactive. Not only do our dashboards efficiently present your preferred data, but allow you to take action directly from the interface. Easily look up the total global exposure for any customer, approve a loan extension, or track the trends of hundreds of metrics over time without digging through settings or menus.

Key Features:

Customize your dashboards to focus on the information most relevant to you

Enhance accountability with clear visibility into every teammate’s activities

Hierarchical filters for managers to view specific officers or compare with other departments

Branch managers and market presidents can easily monitor their market's performance

Easy access to information that's challenging to obtain from your core system

“I don’t see how any banker can operate day to day without having a Teslar dashboard in front of them. Not just lenders, but branch managers, quality control, and the back. It truly empowers you as a banker and as an employee because you have all the information you need in front of you that you’ve never had before.”
Pam Lawson
Chief Financial Officer, EVP, Grand Savings Bank

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