Performance Scorecards

Quickly and easily measure performance across lenders, branches, and regions.

Using your core system data, Teslar generates scorecards that measure performance across lenders, branches, and regions via a calculated total score and a color-coding system that identifies potential areas of improvement. Gain insight into lender profitability with theoretical income, past due percentages, and more. View performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis ranging from a single lender to the entire organization.

Key Features:

Quickly create graphs that can easily be copied and pasted into presentations

Hundreds of metrics available to include

Can consolidate data from multiple cores into one report

Quickly filter the information you see by user or location with tree views

“The biggest advantage to using Teslar that we’ve seen is the empowerment it’s given our branch managers and market presidents. The first thing they do when they come in in the morning is pull up Teslar. They want to know what their market is doing. And along with that, it creates accountability with those employees. I preach about Teslar’s benefit of accountability all the time. Everything that is done within Teslar has a time stamp.”
Pam Lawson
Chief Financial Officer, EVP, Grand Savings Bank
Download Performance Scorecard One-Pager

Download this one-page document for a quick and simple overview of Teslar’s performance scorecards.


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